Classification of iron furniture decoration?

1. Tables and chairs. Iron flower (iron art) can be part of a table or chair, or it can form an entire table and chair. Iron flowers and various materials, such as wood, marble, glass, rattan, etc. can be combined into a good table and chairs and countertops. When designing iron tables and chairs, we must first consider their supporting role. If the iron flower is designed as a table and chair legs, the connection structure between them must also be considered. When designing iron flower tables and chairs, pay attention to keep the surface smooth and comfortable to the touch. There must be no unevenness and sharpness, so as not to affect the use.

2. Beds. The bed made of wrought iron has an overall structure of an iron frame. The decorative part of the iron flower is on the back and instep of the bed. The graphic composition is symmetrically presented with the centerline of the longitudinal axis of the bed. The iron flower bed is luxurious and elegant with unique charm. Similarly, the choice of iron flowers must be basically coordinated with the style of the interior decoration and fabric.

3, lamps and lanterns. Iron lamps are not only a living and working tool, but also an ornament in indoor and outdoor environments. Due to the unique requirements of lamps, metal components have the advantage that other materials cannot be replaced. Therefore, wrought iron lamps have become the main part with unique features in the lamp products. The types of iron lamps are: chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. Most of the styles are traditional, and most of them are symmetrical about the center of the circle. Iron lamps are luxurious and elegant, magnificent.

4, Flower shelf bookshelf. There are many types of iron shelves and bookshelves in various forms. This type of wrought iron component is both a structural form and a decorative form. They are mostly small items in life, can be used, can also be used as small furnishings, decorations. The design is lighter and more stylish.

5. Hardware decoration. The iron art of hardware decoration is small and exquisite. Such as door handles, knockers, coat racks, picture frames, clock stands, reliefs, crafts, etc. They are eye-catching decorations in the home.