Chinese Heritage Technology-Anxi Rattan Iron

Anxi rattan iron, a Chinese non-heritage craft, has a long history of development, and its craft maturity is astonishing. In the course of modern development, the Ministry of Agriculture awarded Anxi County the title of "Home of Chinese Rattan and Iron Crafts", which also means that Anxi has become China's largest production base of rattan and iron crafts for export, and it is a sign of historic leap. The technique of weaving bamboo and rattan has long been established in Shangqing Township, Anxi. This unique folk craftsmanship has existed since ancient times and has been preserved in the continuous inheritance. Nowadays, the development of Anxi rattan iron craft industry is more and more adapted to the current trend of economic and social development, and it continues to glow with vitality and vitality. This amazing Chinese non-heritage craft has great potential in both development and market development The value of exploration.