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Our advantage:

1. Private brand: Each product is carefully designed and selected. The company has a professional R & D department to ensure that each product has a good market competitiveness.

2. Owned factories: Our own furniture factory has realized a good channel from brand factories to wholesale distributors, and achieved the most preferential prices.

2. Our equipment: We have advanced equipment, first-class assembly line, and can also produce on schedule for high-volume customers and pass the quality!

4, complete products, novel styles: in the personalized moment, custom furniture appears in a variety of styles. Let you take the lead in competition!

5. Customized on demand, supporting mixed batches: how many customers order, how many orders you place. Customers choose their own money. Let your business run without risk.

6. After-sale protection: Special personnel respond promptly and promptly, and have a perfect after-sales service management and guarantee system without worries.